Does the religion harmonize with the human thought? Are they together? Or each one of them doesn't agree with the another? I think their foundation is harmonized. But how? If we ask a question about that: Where has God appointed his teaching to guide human? God appoints His teachings in His books -like Quran-, and in His messengers' minds, but that isn't all because God also appoints it inside all human beings -I mean true nature-. God says:( فطرت الله التي فطر الناس عليها). As god's teachings exist in the books and the messengers' minds, they exist in the human,s true nature, for that reason the messengers were reminding people of those teachings which are present inside them. Ali bin Abe Taleb says:(ليثيروا لدى الناس دفائن العقول). When a person says anything from his true nature, it will be harmonize with religion because they come from one direction, that is God. Actually some people some times don't talk from their true nature but from their wrong and devilish tendencies, then this talking will not be harmonize with religion.