Thirteen centuries ago, a great man lived in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah. It is a city located currently in Saudi Arabia. The great man is Ja`far ibn Muhammed. He is also dubbed Al-Imam Alssadiq, which means the honest leader. He was the most erudite Islamic scientist during his life. Thousands of scientists from all Islamic doctrines had graduated through his lessons and lectures. Hitherto, hundreds of millions muslims follow his way. Today is his commemoration, when his followers usually remember his guidelines, teachings, knowledge and sciences. On this occasion, I point out to some of his guidelines that appeared in his biography. First, Everyone has to give a lot of his time to learn sciences and acquire knowledge. He says"I wish that my followers were hit by whips to learn the religion". Second, he enforced nonviolence promotion whether in social relations, Intellectual matters, or political conducts. Therefore, he did not agree or allow anyone to deal in violent means with his ferocious enemies when their state fell apart; i.e., the Umayyah state. Third, he emphasized helping the needy and defensing the oppressed. He says "people's needs to you is god's graces to you".