Al-Marja’ Al-Modarresi calls upon world leaders to withdraw from a spiralling crisis and demands patience from the Kurdistan Regional Government


Grand Ayatollah Syed MohammedTaqi al-Modarresi called upon state leaders in the region to make an extraordinary effort to exit from a spiralling crisis and problems, warning of the difficult days ahead, while recommending the need to remove the region from the circle of polarization between the major global powers

Al-Modarresi said in his weekly address on Friday, a return to that which is essential and to resolve the crises through constructive dialogue had not only the greatest benefit but also was the least dangerous path. His eminence also recommended Turkey’s leaders to “seize the opportunity to win the referendum and unite the ranks of the Turkish people and to concentrate on rebuilding a state of justice and welfare, far away from the specter of the military coup, which would not otherwise find a place in the umbrella of the unity and progress of the people. ”

Al-Modarresi also sought patience from the leadership in the Kurdish regions and the north of Iraq

(Addressing them) he said in his statement, that the present international and regional conditions were not conducive to the fulfilment of their aspirations. Al-Modarresi also called to fighting corruption at home, establishing good governance of the country and an increase in dialogue with the capital (government), not only to resolve outstanding issues but to start an ambitious national project toward civilisational progress.


And Allah is the Supreme Helper